The ‘Long’ One   After my love affair with my SWB Patrol I was wondering what could be next. A friend was selling his Australian import LWB Patrol and before even thinking about it I said “Yes, I’ll have it!”. It’s kinda special.. It’s an Australian import. A 4.8 litre petrol engine. Already modded quite well… 2”lift, snorkle, winch bumper and winch amongst other things. The engine is low mileage, barely run in and sweet. You don’t want to know about fuel consumption, but it is made bareable by the fact it is LPG converted, so half price fuel! If there was one criticism of my SWB it would be that the 2.8 diesel engine lacked power. this baby makes up for that… and then some!
Nissan Patrol  
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2003 4.8 ST LPG converted Aussie Import
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